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July 21, 2019

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Jaryn, Mark, and Nick

Whats Happening! (& other cool stuff!)

pages by lacey

Jaryn, Mark, and Nick

Jaryn~ Hey babie! I love you soo much, the time we shared was some of the best moments ever spent in my life! You truly know how to make me happy and you know that! No matter what promise that we will see eachother again and see what happens! Im still waiting for my letter and pics! Love you ALWAYS (Green Shirt)

Mark~ Hey sweetie! How are you Bastard! I hope that JewFish is still just as fat as last time i saw him even though it is virtually impossible to lose wait except for if Chris cuts him open! OUch! I'll bring you some more Pokemon Cereal soon dont worry so you can wear your muchies shirt! Love you babe (Sweats and hat)

Nick~ Even though he cant read this he's in the pic so i better write a lil short hello, right? Well hope the boat is gettin along good, put the lights up early and not later! Just Kidding! Love you too! I win you lose! (orange shirt!)